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What genres are asked to play? 
We love all genres of music.  Past events have included blues, classical, jazz, country, rock, singer-songwriter and one-man bands. The goal is to keep it as mixed up as East Dallas!

How long is each performance time?

Each performance is a 45 minute set.  

Is there an opportunity for a full band set? Anything is possible - just keep in mind, our mission is porch tunes.

Does DPF provide any equipment? 
We provide electricity and a power strip.  Musicians are asked to bring their own equipment.

Does DPF compensate performers?  We are a 501(c)3, non-profit entity, therefore we focus on partnering with musicians willing to perform in exchange for a tax donation. If you are able to donate your time, we would love to hear from you.  

The submission form asked about  where the band resides.  Does that matter?  We love to work with musicians from all over.  We ask only because, we like to know if you live in, our around East Dallas.

Let's Get the 2023 Porch Groove Going!

Want to be considered for events in 2023? 
Event Date: Oct 07 2023
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